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Tablier {tab-lee-ay} is French for apron but it’s so much more than just a skirt. CK Tablier was created for professionals by professionals, to not only be functional but also fashionable. No more overflowing bags, clunky tool boxes or bulging pockets. This apron skirt is a tool belt for chicks. Hidden pockets and pouches allow you to have all of your tools at your finger tips while staying completely hidden and stylish. Each skirt is custom to you and handmade with love By Amanda Nicole

in the USA.


Key Clamp

Digging to find your keys in the bottom of your pouches & pockets is no longer an issue. There's a hidden clip inside the front zipper that allows you to easily clip your keys.

Adjustable Waist Cinch

If you're anything like us, you like to stay prepared on the go, making your skirt pretty heavy. The waist band is made with tight elastic material and an added adjustable waist cinch to ensure a perfectly secure fit.

Potty like it's hot..

Potty like it's hot, Potty like it's hot....Seriously this is our favorite feature! The bottom of the skirt has a nifty drawstring that allows you to hold all of your ruffle layers, skirt contents & even your drink holder up and out of the way to make potty breaks quick & easy!

Phone Pocket

Easily slip your phone in and out of the built in pocket on the back of your skirt. Fits most phone styles.

Lots of Pockets

Our pockets run deep around here, deep with supplies that is! It can even hold an iPad! The front and back zipper pockets come with velcro & optional velcro removable pouches to help keep your smaller items organized and in place!

Created for Professionals



Our original grey apron skirt. Light & airy, keeping it easy to alternate your color scheme.


Classic black is our go to for professional & sleek!


Adding a little color without loosing your polished look.

Don't see a color option that tickles your fancy? Send us a message, lets talk!

So much MORE

than JUST a skirt!



Different sized pouches to accommodate what you need to stuff in them. Each pouch has a velcro strip that attaches inside of your skirt so the contents stay in place and removal is easy. 


Make your skirt your own by adding a touch of color with a big pretty bow!

Drink Holder

Forever putting your drink somewhere but can't remember where? End your search with a drink holder that attaches directly to the side of your skirt. No drink today? Thats ok, simply tuck the drink holder hooks inside the skirt.

I must have it!

CK Tablier

CK Tablier


What's in your skirt

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CK Tablier


Created & designed by 

CK Design & Events 

& hand made with love locally by 

Amanda Nicole.

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