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"Life's too short for boring parties!"

We like to have a good time & we want our clients to have an even better time!

Their Story

Chelsie & Krysty have been best friends for over 15 years. They have been creating events together since 2012 and before that they did it on their own. They both started out hosting events for themselves, family & friends. Before long, their passion was too noticeable to keep a secret and outside requests came flowing in. And just like that, CK Design & Events was born! 


When they spend hours working with a client, they truly get to know them on a personal level. They meet their other half, their little ones & their fur babies. They learn their clients likes and dislikes & what means the most to them. Each client becomes part of 

what they call their #CKfamily


Numerous of their CK Family members have referred to them as their "Magic Wedding Fairies." That's what Chelsie & Krysty Strive to be, their clients very own magic fairies to the rescue. To ensure the magic of their special day never fades!


They both enjoy traveling, dance parties and spending time with their families. You can usually find Chelsie carefully cultivating her

Pinterest boards or Krysty playfully painting a new art piece. 


Both will most likely have a glass of rose’ in their hands! LOL 

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Co-Owner   |   Coordinator & Designer   |   Target   |   Notting Hill 


3 Fur-Babies | 2 Little Boys   |  Caramel Latte  |  Pinterest  |   Rose' All Day

Chelsie is a natural planner and loves all things organization and research. She gets things done in a fast and efficient manner with quality results. Chelsie graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She finished a four year degree in three years, graduating Magna Cum Laude and remaining on the Dean's List her entire college career. She strives for excellence in everything she does, quadruple checking every detail.


Event planning is a joy to Chelsie. She enjoys all the details, even the ones most people like the least. Chelsie grew up planning, organizing and hosting many events with her family and in school and has learned many valuable lessons over the years. She knows what it takes to make an event memorable and fun. She knows how to relieve the stress from the hosts, making sure they are having as much fun as their guests. There is a long standing

saying in her family, 


 "If the hosts have a good time, so will their guests." 


Chelsie loves numbers and has been a professional bookkeeper for many years. Being able to account for every penny is extremely important. She brings this love of numbers to her clients, with detailed lists and reports. When it comes to budgets, she always overestimates,

just to be safe.

Co-Owner   |   Coordinator & Designer   |   Sephora   |  Wedding Crashers   

2 Fur-Babies   |   Green Tea Latte   |   Abstract Art   |   Rose' All Day

Krysty didn't find her calling, it found her. Her life had been made up of organized checklists, detailed itineraries and creative ideas. What she found to be second nature was actually an endearing career awaiting her discovery. 


Krysty obtained her Associates in Arts degree at Florida State College of Jacksonville and is continuing her studies in Graphic Design at the University of North Florida. 

The details of event planning that usually stress and overwhelm most people excite and inspire Krysty.  While Krysty enjoys all aspects of planning an event, her 

favorite is graphic design. 

"The possibilities are endless when you combine 

the proper tools with creativity and experience."


Krysty believes that no two events are the same, each is filled with special details. Every new project ignites a creative spark, prompting her to jump to her feet in action. It’s not a job, it’s a passion. Krysty truly enjoys the process of making an event come to life from start to finish.

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Jacksonville, FL


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